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Heavy fog

I feel sorry for all the poor souls stuck in airports at the moment, but I don't mind saying that I think this fog is awesome. The worst 'fog' I've ever experienced before was Joburg winter fog, which is basically low cloud which dissipates as soon as the sun comes up. This stuff is just solid and beautiful and it ain't going nowhere.

We stay across the road from a huge park, which we sometimes walk across to get into town. I went out for a walk yesterday, and standing on the path in the middle of the open ground, with nobody else around, and just the faintest of outlines of trees in the distance, was a weird but incredibly uplifting experience.

Not only that, but every single cobweb on every tree and on walls and in corners and crevasses was covered in ice, making little diamond strings all over the show. After initially feeling freaked out at how many spiders must've been around to make them, I was mesmerised: it was one of the prettiest things I've ever seen.

All I can say is thank heavens for central heating, though.

{2006.12.22 00:59}

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