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Mad Bob strikes again

From the M&G:

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has signed into law the Education Act Amendment Bill giving the state powers to fix fees at private schools, in a development education experts say could see standards falling at the schools that are the only sources of a reliable education for young Zimbabweans.

One of the mad boblings:

"The Education [Act Amendment] Bill is now law. The president assented to it on Monday," said Chigwedere. "We are going to deal heavily with all those schools that are charging exorbitant fees. We are aware that there are some schools already charging Z$300-million a term, some Z$250-million, others Z$200-million a term. This is outrageous and unacceptable."

What the article fails to point out is that these days, 250 million Zimbabwean dollars is probably worth about 1 US dollar. With their hyperinflation, it'll be around 50 cents by next week Wednesday.

The really crazy thing is that bit about experts worrying about school standards falling. Isn't this worrying about messy deck chairs on the Hindenberg, to appropriate a recently turned turn of phrase? Surely at some point one recognises that Zimbabwe is so deep into la-la land that focusing on any single deviation from sanity is plain missing the point? 'Oh my, what future will our poor children have to look forward to?'

Let's get real. The whole planet is just patiently waiting for Mad Bob to bite the big one and hoping things will get better after that. Until then, newspapers can save themselves a lot of ink by just running a daily boilerplate 'yet another fsckup in Zimbabwe, we won't even waste your time telling you what it is.'

{2006.05.11 18:13}

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