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High Octane

I was reading this BBC article about men being more likely to make lousy decisions when distracted by purdy ladies (via Foreign Dispatches). The revelations are hardly ground-breaking, but if you're ever in one of those 'uh, would you repeat the question please?' situations you can now blame it on science.

What is interesting is how they measured whether men have high testosterone levels:

The men's testosterone levels were also tested - by comparing the length of the men's index finger compared to their ring finger.

If the ring finger is longest, it indicates a high testosterone level.

I never knew you could do that. I duly held up my hand and compared my fingers. High octane all the way, baby!

{2006.04.19 21:38}


1. Ronwen (2006.04.21 - 15:34) #

Mine's also the longest. What does that mean?

2. Colin (2006.04.21 - 21:06) #

It means you're more likely to be a better driver and want to beat people to a pulp when you're frustrated. Not that'd I know, of course ;-)

3. Ronwen (2006.04.24 - 11:50) #


4. aquila (2006.04.24 - 20:33) #

phew...For some reason I read middle finger rather than index finger..still safe this side.

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