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V for very busy

The blog's been quiet, I've been busy. I'm all Java'd out and have been spending some quality time in the lands of C and C++, and immersing myself in Kraut rock. Life is good.

Saw V for Vendetta. I can understand why it caused a bit of a stink. Notwithstanding the fairly obvious digs at contemporary US politics, the themes are universal: don't trust governments, sacrificing liberty for safety is a perilous choice, the day will come when the lowly ones will rise up and make the bugger's eyes water, etc etc. Under the broad stroke of 'totalitarianism', the movie takes on interventionism in all its forms, from nanny-statism and social engineering to save-me-mummy militarism and nationalism. It's classic liberalism 101 with knives and Natalie Portman. Cool.

{2006.04.15 11:01}


1. JTk (2006.04.17 - 20:24) #

Hi - this is a little of topinc but I just wanted to let you know that we have featured your blog on our list of Quality Blogs.

Thanks for your time,


2. Colin (2006.04.18 - 22:15) #

I'm not sure what I did to earn it, but thank you!

3. Gregg Eldred (2006.04.26 - 03:34) #

I thought that this was one of the best films Natalie has done in a long time. In fact, if you were upset with her "acting" in the Star Wars movies, this one will show you that she is good. Really good. V is my favorite movie (so far) of 2006. I think that you are right about the people and government - and those in government would do well to remember who they ultimately serve.

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