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Late nights and despots

Jeez. I should stop blogging if I'm dozing off at the keyboard. Last night's review of Equilibrium reads like an answer to a Matric English exam question. Revelatory experience? Sheesh :-) Anyway, it's a cool movie, with cool ideas. Nuff said :-) Tomorrow's another public holiday for us, since Thabo Mbeki is getting inaugurated tomorrow. One of the dignitaries at the proceedings is Bob Mugabe. Apparently he's staying at a guest house because at least two hotels in Sandton refused to put him up :-) Tying into that, Archbishop Desmond Tutu is encouraging the English cricket team to boycott Zimbabwe, to "send a clear signal to the Mugabe regime". I'm not a sporting fan and the state of Zimbabwean cricket doesn't really shake my world - but I have a lot of respect for Tutu's willingness to speak up when others, including our president, won't.

{2004.04.26 22:01}

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