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* Directors' meetings are a lot more fun when they're held at a steakhouse. Smith & Wollensky's in Eastgate, last night. Their Argentinian steak kicks ass. * I bought Unix Network Programming Volume 1 by the late W Richard Stevens. ETA on getting to work through this famous tome: around 2010 at current workloads. * Gym two days in a row has me feeling suitably tender. Learned to use the BodyIQ contraption that now tells Virgin Active (and no doubt Big Brother Discovery Health) what I weigh, my body fat percentage, and blood pressure (is it good to take this measurement after 60 crunches and 60 leg raises? I think not). At least I now have a baseline to measure myself against. A dearth of cardio work means I've not shed too much fat (thus far I've added a kg), but Ronwen says she can see changes. I have triceps trying to poke their way out of the cushioning, basically. To me, the real victory is getting my butt to gym at least twice a week, and having stuck with it. But yes, I'd like my next victory to be around my waistline, thankyouverymuch. * A ten minute dash to the Nandos/Woolies around the corner this evening has me wanting to pull a Columbine on the majority of the twats there. Four impatient assholes who squeeze past me and leave me jammed as I try to maneuvre into a parking from a bad angle, asshole in BMW who parks in disabled parking and laughs at the security guards trying to tell him off, asshole in Merc who shoots up a one-way to get an open parking, miserable cow pushing her way into the queue when a new till opens to handle the mass of shoppers at Woolies, and the old fart behind me who almost nudges my stuff off the counter before I've even properly paid for my groceries. I am reminded that I tend towards misanthropy for a reason.

{2004.04.21 19:05}


1. jonvon (2004.04.22 - 15:08) #

been at it 5-6 days a week. i keep scratching my head wondering where the discipline is coming from. i think it probably has to do with the fact that the early morning hours are the only ones i really have to myself. i wasn't this dedicated in my twenties, that is for sure.

waistline is shrinking, albeit slowly. lost about 8 pounds over the last several (2-3?) weeks.

2 days a week, its going to be a long time brother... but it will come. a friend of mine rides his bicycle on the weekends, and weekends only. over a year he lost 15 pounds. he's all nutty with the heart rate monitor and the fancy carb drinks and whatnot.


2. Colin (2004.04.22 - 23:42) #

Well done dude, I'm not worthy :)

I've been feeling guilty about not going more often, but I've been working far too much the past coupla months. Thankfully that madness is abating, and soon (hopefully) I'll be able to devote a bit more time to Operation Sixpack ;)

3. jonvon (2004.04.23 - 15:22) #

Operation Sixpack, i like it! something about that is much more hopeful than Big Blubba.


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