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Decisions and ennui

Time to change mail clients for my POP3 stuff. Eudora is getting a little long in the tooth, and I'm just about ready to move my mail to a Linux client.

Back in the old days, I used Netscape (version 2 on my PowerBook :-), and I stuck with Communicator on the PC until version 4.7, by which time (early 2001) the browser had become virtually unusable, and Communicator seemed a little too big just for mail, and it became too frustrating losing one's mail client every time a dodgy web site brought everything to a halt.

Is it time to move back? I think so. The only question is whether to stick with Firefox + Thunderbird as separate apps, or glop up with good ole Mozilla. I've read in a few places that FF + TB are the "NextGen" Mozilla, and once they've reached 1.0 status, the old Mozilla browser and mail client will get nixed. That would make my decision easy, except that I've stumbled across a few comments saying that the old Mozilla mail client is better.

The only way to find out is to try them both, I suppose, but I must be honest and admit that these days, installing software just to poke and prod is nothing short of a mission for me.

{2004.04.20 01:12}


1. Neil Blakey-Milner (2004.04.20 - 12:32) #

I'm not a regular user of either (Konqueror and mutt personally), but the only complaints I've seen about Thunderbird have been about offline mode, and there're plugins for that.

Check out the Outbox and Offline plugins especially.

No complaints about Firefox here; it's that or nothing if I'm on a Windows machine. Prefer Konqueror (especially 3.2 or above) when I'm on FreeBSD and Linux, though. Firefox's a bit heavier and clunkier than it still, but improving with every version.

(Oh, and hello btw - nxsy)

2. Colin (2004.04.20 - 16:58) #

Thanks Neil, I'll try those plugins. Thunderbird seems the way to go. Firefox is a staple for me as well, on Windows and Linux.

(oh, and welcome. I've been following CSB for a while, but been too lazy to update my blogroll. AD, esq :)

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