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Busy weekend

Jeez, the past few days have been a whirl of work - mostly the horrid (beancounter) stuff, not the technical, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, and hopefully it ain't a train. I can't wait to return to some normalcy work-wise.

Ronwen & I drove through to Braamfontein today, so I could show Ronwen how to get to the Civic Theatre. Ballet stuff and whatnot. I almost never head into 'old' Joburg anymore, and so now it's always a big trip down memory lane to drive through suburbs like Parktown, Braamfontein, Saxonwold, Killarney. It's weird: for the first 7 years that I lived on Joburg, many of these roads and suburbs and sights were things I took in daily. Then you move elsewhere, start working elsewhere, and your experience of the city is completely different. Let's be honest, as nice as Randburg (home) and Sandton (work) are, they just don't have the character that older parts of the city do.

We stopped off in Rosebank for lunch and window-shopping. I bought a few games development books at Exclusives - hopefully I'll be able to indulge in some armchair geek tourism. Soon :-)

{2004.04.18 21:25}


1. sandy (2004.04.20 - 13:09) #

Did you have to mention Rosebank? Now you've got me going down memory lane. And drooling over the thought of ribs at the Black Steer! My next visit to SA can't come quick enough!!

2. Colin (2004.04.20 - 16:37) #

Definitely :)

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