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Lost weekend again

I dropped Ronwen at the airport this afternoon - she's in Durbs for the weekend to spend some quality time with the nephew. This leaves me free for another wild and wacky weekend of work and studies (and perhaps a bit of house-cleaning). Kinda lonely at home. The usual crap programs are on TV, and as I'm sitting here working with locally produced shite like The Res in the background, I'm still letting loose my usual stream of OTT ad lib comments, but there's noone to tell me to stop it. Where's the fun in that? *sigh*

{2004.04.01 22:00}


1. Ben Poole (2004.04.01 - 23:33) #

Stop it!

No, not really, keep going ;o)

2. Colin (2004.04.02 - 00:35) #

Thanks squire. Don't take it the wrong way, but it's just not the same though :)

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